JWT & Associates

JWT& Associates is a full service non-profit advisor that provides a full scope of integrated services. Through our experience of working with hundreds of different charities and non-profits each year, we have had the ability to identify several “missing pieces” that are holding institutions back from achieving continued success. While live auctions are key to the success of raising funds at events, there are pockets of opportunities we can illuminate to help you expand your growth.

The non-profit and fundraising landscape is constantly changing and becoming more competitive each year. Traditional fundraising is no longer the norm. We have mastered creative, “out of the box” solutions and strategies for you to succeed. We also emphasize that innovative marketing and creative outreach is essential in spreading a powerful, effective message.

Our consulting services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Fundraising Development
  • Corporate & Strategic Partnerships
  • Event & Program Development
  • Brand Building and Marketing
Let JWT & Associates give you the advantage you need in today’s competitive fund raising arena.